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Schematics / Wiring

Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments

DB15 Schematic (138 KB) (PDF)

Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments

Weatherproof Schematic (137 KB) (PDF)

Exde, Weatherproof Ceiling Speaker

DB20C Wiring (45 KB) (PDF)
DB20C Schematic (104 KB) (PDF)

Exd, Weatherproof

Exd Schematic (122 KB) (PDF)
Standard Wiring (43 KB) (PDF)
Series Resistor (45 KB) (PDF)
EOL Resistor (45 KB) (PDF)
EOL & Series Resistor (46 KB) (PDF)

Up to 15 Watts EExnA, Weatherproof

GA (149 KB) (PDF)
DB18 Wiring (336 KB) (PDF)

Ex d

SM87JB GA (152 KB) (PDF)

High Output LED Beacons Ex d, Weatherproof

Up to 122dB, Ex d(e), Weatherproof

GA (102 KB) (PDF)
Wiring Diagram (96 KB) (PDF)
UL GA (88 KB) (PDF)
UL Wiring Diagram (82 KB) (PDF)

Up to 25 Watts, Ex d(e), Weatherproof

Customer GA (103 KB) (PDF)
Wiring Diagram (67 KB) (PDF)
Wiring Diagram UL (52 KB) (PDF)
Customer GA UL (91 KB) (PDF)

Bi-Directional Loudspeaker