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Data Sheets

IP Telephone for Indoor and Outdoor Use

VoIP Telephone for indoor and outdoor use

Analogue desk/wall telephone for indoor and outdoor use

Weatherproof FernTel (349 KB) (PDF)

Ex de LED beacon

dSLB20 LED (329 KB) (PDF)

Ex e explosion-proof LED light

Expertline (456 KB) (PDF)

Ex de 5 & 15 joule xenon beacons

dSLB 20 (392 KB) (PDF)

Ex de sounder - up to 115 dB(A)

dEV20 (307 KB) (PDF)

Ex de signalling bell - up to 105dB(A)

dGW21 (430 KB) (PDF)
dGW21 North America (367 KB) (PDF)

Bi-Directional Loudspeaker

IMCOS 5242 (712 KB) (PDF)

Wall Loudspeaker

IMCOS 5253 (462 KB) (PDF)