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Fixed camera stations

Explosion proof PTZ camera stations

IECEx ITS 15.0068X (337 KB) (PDF)
UL BR 17.0063X (861 KB) (PDF)
Ex-TR CU 00857 (2 MB) (PDF)
CCOE (464 KB) (PDF)
CNEX (446 KB) (PDF)
Certex S-XPL/17.0244 X (124 KB) (PDF)
UL Cert of Compliance (106 KB) (PDF)
DNV (211 KB) (PDF)

Safe area PTZ camera stations

UL Cert of Compliance (334 KB) (PDF)
DNV (211 KB) (PDF)

Fixed, with or without wiper assembly for both Ex & safe/harsh areas

ATEX (333 KB) (PDF)
IECEx (200 KB) (PDF)

PTZ, Single & Twin with Illuminator for both Ex & Safe/Harsh Area

IECEx (234 KB) (PDF)
ATEX (347 KB) (PDF)

Explosion proof PTZ dome camera station

IECEx (115 KB) (PDF)
ATEX (656 KB) (PDF)