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Up to 110 dB(A) for Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments

Up to 117dB(A) Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments


Alarm Bell – Up to 109 dB(A) Exd, Weatherproof


Exde, Heavy Duty Industrial & Marine, Weatherproof

ATEX Ex de IIB Gb (896 KB) (PDF)
TR CU Ex d e IIB (2 MB) (PDF)
Inmetro Exde IIB T4 Gb (496 KB) (PDF)
IP66 Certificate (42 KB) (PDF)
IP67 Certificate (15 KB) (PDF)
ABS Certificate (44 KB) (PDF)

Up to 15 Watts Exde, Weatherproof

ATEX IIB + H2 (708 KB) (PDF)
CQST (627 KB) (PDF)
TR CU (2 MB) (PDF)
Inmetro Exd e IIB+H2 (455 KB) (PDF)
AXIS (70 KB) (PDF)
CNEx (627 KB) (PDF)

Up to 15 Watts for Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments

Up to 30 Watts Exde, Weatherproof

ATEX Exde IIB (1 MB) (PDF)
Download file (1 MB) (PDF)
TR CU (1008 KB) (PDF)
Inmetro Exd(e) IIB (775 KB) (PDF)
UL (215 KB) (PDF)

Explosionproof speaker for hazardous areas

CUTR (1013 KB) (PDF)
Inmetro (808 KB) (PDF)

Heat Detector Exd, Exem & Intrinsically Safe (Exia)

ATEX Ex em II (304 KB) (PDF)
ATEX Ex ia IIC (1 MB) (PDF)
ATEX Ex d IIB (1 MB) (PDF)
ATEX Ex d IIC (2 MB) (PDF)
UL (OVER 599 DEG F) (250 KB) (PDF)
UL (UP TO 599 DEG F) (250 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex ia (325 KB) (PDF)
TR CU EMC (435 KB) (PDF)
Ex e IP66 Certificate (28 KB) (PDF)
SIL 2 (2 MB) (PDF)
ABS Ex ia IIC (44 KB) (PDF)

Junction Boxes Exe – Increased Safety & Weatherproof

UL (183 KB) (PDF)