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The DB4B is a high power explosion proof loudspeaker, introduced as a replacement for the DB4 with improved intelligibility and acoustic performance. Certified for use in a wide range of temperatures (from -55ºC to +70ºC) the Ex enclosure is manufactured from GRP with a rugged thermoplastic flare providing a corrosion free and aesthetically pleasing product.

The frequency response of the unit ensures that critical voice messages and general alarm tones are highly intelligible. The specific SPL figure for sensitivity is 1W @ 1m is 110dB whilst at 1m the 25W unit produces 124dB, the 15W unit 122dB and the 8W unit 119dB.

Options include DC blocking capacitors for monitored systems, resettable fuses for compliance with marine regulations and a swivel bracket that gives the installer greater flexibility when positioning the unit. The short flare option is a worthy addition to the range offering a high SPL and wide dispersion angle in a compact unit. 

Data Sheets
Datasheet (410 KB) (PDF)
UL Datasheet (361 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates
ATEX Ex d IIC Gas (554 KB) (PDF)
ATEX Ex de IIC Gas (945 KB) (PDF)
TR CU EMC (380 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex d Gas (646 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex d Gas (646 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex d Gas & Dust (651 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex d Gas & Dust (651 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex de Gas (674 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex de Gas & Dust (686 KB) (PDF)
IP66 & IP67 (475 KB) (PDF)
UL Cert of Compliance (242 KB) (PDF)
SIL2 (206 KB) (PDF)
DNV (195 KB) (PDF)
RINA (132 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates – External Link
IECEx Ex d IIC Gas
Schematics / Wiring
Customer GA (103 KB) (PDF)
Wiring Diagram (67 KB) (PDF)
Wiring Diagram UL (52 KB) (PDF)
Customer GA UL (91 KB) (PDF)
Technical Manuals


Area Classification Zone 1, Zone 2 & non-Ex use.
Ambient Operating Temperature -55°C to +70°C
Ingress Protection IP66 & IP67
Material Ex enclosure - Flame retardant, UV stable Glass Reinforced Polyester
Flare - Flame retardant, UV stable thermoplastic polyester
Output 110 dBA at 1W at 1 metre
Transformer 100V line or 8Ω
  124 dBA at 25W at 1 metre (long flare IIC version)
Entries Up to 2 x M20 or 1/2" NPT. Blanking plug available
Weight Ex d - 5kg, Ex de 5.8kg. Based on long flare with transformer
Tappings 25, 12.5, 6, 4, 2, 1 (at 25W)
Options Power (8W, 15W, 25W), body colour, suitable for Gas or Gas and Dust, Ex atmospheres,
Tag & duty labels, entries, capacitor, short flare,
Ex e terminal chamber, transformer voltage 



  • Ex d / Ex de IIC / IIIC T4/T5/T6.
  • ATEX certified.
  • IECEx certified.
  • cULus certified
  • INMETRO certified
  • TR CU certified
  • SIL2 certified
  • DNV certified
  • CCOE certified
  • Certified temperature -55ºC to +70ºC.*
  • IP66 & IP67.
  • Optional Ex e terminal chamber.
  • 124dB at 25W, 1m.*
  • 8W, 15W & 25W versions.
  • Power tappings, via integral transformer.
  • Frequency response 350Hz - 8kHz.
  • Ex enclosure - Glass reinforced polyester.
  • Flare - High impact thermoplastic polyester.
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket and cover screws.
  • Mounting bracket has ratchet facility as standard.
  • Optional swivel bracket available .