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DB1 explosionproof sounder / horn for hazardous areas

This range of light weight, flameproof Sounders has been designed with a high weatherproof rating to cope with the harsh environmental conditions found offshore and onshore in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

New electronic circuitry allows the DB1P and DB1HP to be switched between two selectable tones by either reversing the supply polarity, or connecting a second voltage supply.

The higher output DB1H and DB1HP are particularly suitable for noisy environments.

Listen to available sounder tones for this product

Data Sheets
DB1 (197 KB) (PDF)
DB1 North American (213 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates
UL (229 KB) (PDF)
TR CU Ex d IIB (2 MB) (PDF)
IP66 Certificate (30 KB) (PDF)
SIL 1 (206 KB) (PDF)
CCOE (555 KB) (PDF)
TR EAEU 037 (388 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates – External Link
Schematics / Wiring
Exd DB1 Schematic (97 KB) (PDF)
Exd DB1H Schematic (60 KB) (PDF)
UL DB1 Schematic (61 KB) (PDF)
UL DB1H Schematic (70 KB) (PDF)
DB1 Wiring (39 KB) (PDF)
Technical Manuals
TM153 (2 MB) (PDF)
TM107 UL (225 KB) (PDF)
Certification ATEX, IECEx, UL, TR CU, Inmetro
Explosion Protection ATEX Ex II 2G, Exd IIB T5/T6
Area Classification Zone 1 and Zone 2 use.
Certified Ambient Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Ingress Protection IP66
Material Stainless steel or alloy
Entries Up to 3 x 20mm or 25mm
Weight 3.5-12.7kg*
Options Body colour, tag & duty labels,
two stage (DB1P) alarms, high output (DB1HP),
tel, relay or remote initiate, EOL resistor, certification,
voltages 12V-48V d.c. 110V-240V a.c.

* Model dependant


  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 use.
  • UL Listed – Class I, Div 1. Groups C & D.
  • Exd, IIB T3.
  • ATEX approved, Ex II 2G.
  • CENELEC approved, BASEEFA certified.
  • TR CU certified.
  • IP66.
  • Certified temperature:
    • –20°C to +70°C.
    • –13°F to +158°F.
  • Up to 113 dBA output.
  • Available in marine grade alloy or stainless steel.
  • 27 output tones, user selectable.
  • Telephone initiate option.
  • Tones can be selected remotely.
  • Tones comply with UKOOA/PFEER guidelines.
  • Any two tones may be switched via the external voltage supply.
  • End of line resistor option.
  • NFPA 72 compliant.