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Sonix PA/GA

Sonix has been designed to provide the most technically comprehensive and secure PA/GA solution available today. Sonix offers technical, commercial and operational value to integrators, EPCs and end users. Our design team has focused to ensure that Sonix adds true value to every level of the customer chain throughout all points of product development and execution.

The Sonix PA/GA System has been developed, manufactured and tested in line with the modern requirements of the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation markets of today and tomorrow. Sonix is able to offer compliant communication solutions to meet the most demanding applications for onshore, offshore, marine and industrial installations. Designed to enhance modern communication philosophies, the Sonix PA/GA system includes a highly sophisticated yet simplified architecture that removes the need for lengthy engineering cycles, bespoke and costly software, custom field engineering or expensive on-site commissioning.

This results in a highly effective and flexible communications solution for the next generation. The Sonix system is rigorously designed for installation in both safe area or potentially explosive environments using latest protection philosophies including EExe, d, i and p to ensure the highest levels of safety without compromising operational features.


Sonix PA/GA system benefits and advantages

  • Compact 1U equipment component design
  • Greater rack density, for more power amplifiers occupation
  • State of the art proven technology
  • No software operating system, and therefore associated problems
  • Highly flexible system configuration
  • SMART hot-standby amps that monitor the fault status before kicking in
  • Reconfigurable on site system functionality for upgrades
  • Like for like lower power consumption compared to other systems
  • Like for like lower heat dissipation compared to other systems
  • The above means smaller UPS, cable, electrical distribution & AC costs
  • High integrity Colour coded RJ45 internal interconnection topology
  • Duplicated self-healing internal connectivity technology
  • Highly efficient patented digital power amplifier technology
  • 350 Watt power amplifier allows more loudspeakers per loop
  • Dedicated power amplifier power supplies, no common mode failure
  • Ability to amalgamate CCTV and PAGA in to single cabinets
  • Backlit HMi 5 buttons
  • Customizable HMi access panel text
  • A&B plus auto switchover on 2Mx
  • Easy historical fault status from front panels