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SM87 BG explosionproof manual call point for hazardous areas

These manual fire alarm, emergency shutdown breakglass and pushbutton units have been designed for the most arduous environmental conditions. The units are both easy to install and maintain. Intrinsically safe Exia and flameproof Exd versions of each model are available. A choice of either stainless steel or alloy makes the range suitable for either the offshore or onshore industries.

Data Sheets
SM87BG (386 KB) (PDF)
SM87BG North America (907 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates
ATEX Ex d IIC (5 MB) (PDF)
ATEX Ex ia IIC (1 MB) (PDF)
CQST Ex d IIC (318 KB) (PDF)
CQST Ex ia IIC (304 KB) (PDF)
CSA Ex d (129 KB) (PDF)
CSA Ex ia (168 KB) (PDF)
TR CU Ex ia IIC (1 MB) (PDF)
TR CU Ex d IIC (1 MB) (PDF)
TR CU EMC (435 KB) (PDF)
IP66 Certificate (39 KB) (PDF)
CNEx BGLI (304 KB) (PDF)
CNEx BGLD (318 KB) (PDF)
CCOE (555 KB) (PDF)
TR EAEU 037 (388 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates – External Link
Schematics / Wiring
Exd, Exia Schematic (98 KB) (PDF)
Technical Manuals
Ex d (TM146) (1 MB) (PDF)
Ex ia (TM147) (3 MB) (PDF)
Certification ATEX, IECEx, CSA, TR CU, CQST, Inmetro, CCC
Intrinsically Safe ATEX Ex II 1G, Exia IIC T4
Flameproof ATEX Ex II 2GD, Exd IIC T6
Area Classification Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 use*
Certified Ambient Temperature -55°C to +70°C (Exd)
-55°C to +55°C (Exi)
-20°C to +55°C (LED)
Ingress Protection IP66 & IP67
Material Stainless Steel or Alloy
Entries Up to 4 x 20mm or 25mm
Weight 3.8kg (Steel) 2.5kg (Alloy)
Options Body colour, LED, resistor, diode, 3 & 4 pole
changeover switch, certification, tag & duty labels.

* Model dependant


  • Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 use*.
  • Exia IICT4 or Exd IIC T5/T6.
  • ATEX aproved, Ex II 1G (Exia) Ex II 2GD (Exd).
  • BASEEFA certified
  • CSA certified.
  • IECEx certified.
  • TR CU* certified.
  • Chinese (CQST) certified.
  • Brazilian (Inmetro) certified.
  • CCC
  • IP66 and IP67.
  • Certified temperature: –55°C to +70°C*.
  • Stainless steel or marine grade alloy.
  • Robust yet lightweight.
  • Easy to maintain.

*Depending on version.