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MEDC’s range of hazardous, heavy duty, industrial and commercial speakers are designed to meet the requirements for public address, voice alarm (evacuation) and background music. The speakers can generally operate as stand-alone units, or as part of 100 or 70 volt line systems.

Additionally a wide range of sound output levels (dB / Watts) are available. The speakers sound output in dB(A) is measured to European standards at 1 watt / 1 metre.

DB14 heavy duty horn loudspeaker for harsh industrial & marine environments

Up to 15 Watts for Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments


Explosionproof speaker for hazardous areas


Up to 25 Watts, Ex d(e), Weatherproof

DB10 explosionproof loudspeaker for hazardous areas - Long Flare

Up to 15 Watts Exde, Weatherproof

IMCOS 5242

Bi-Directional Loudspeaker

IMCOS 5253

Wall Loudspeaker

IMCOS 6801

Ceiling Loudspeaker

IMCOS 6811

Watertight Horn Loudspeaker

IMCOS 6899

Toilet Alarm Loudspeaker

DB18 explosionproof loudespeaker for hazardous areas

Up to 15 Watts EExnA, Weatherproof


Exde, Weatherproof Ceiling Speaker