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SM87 LU1 / LU3

SM87 LU1 & SM87 LU3 beacon

These certified steady beacons have been designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The marine grade stainless steel or alloy enclosures are suitable for use offshore or onshore, where lightweight combined with corrosion resistance and strength is required.

Units can be painted to customer specification and fitted with identification labels.


Data Sheets
SM87 LU1 & SM87 LU3 (649 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates
UL (178 KB) (PDF)
TR CU Ex d IIC (1 MB) (PDF)
Inmetro BR-Ex d IIC (729 KB) (PDF)
CSA (75 KB) (PDF)
CQST Exd IIC (684 KB) (PDF)
CNEx (2 MB) (PDF)
CCOE (555 KB) (PDF)
TR EAEU 037 (388 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates – External Link
SM87 Beacon Range IECEx
Schematics / Wiring
Schematic (68 KB) (PDF)
Technical Manuals
Exd (TM158) (5 MB) (PDF)
SM87LU1UL (TM109) (65 KB) (PDF)
INMETRO (TM347) (660 KB) (PDF)
Certification ATEX, IECEx, UL, TR CU, CSA, CQST, Inmetro,
Flameproof ATEX Ex II 2GD, Exd IIC T5/T6
Area Classification Zone 1 and Zone 2 use.
Certified Ambient Temperature -55°C to +70°C (SM87 LU3)
-20°C to +55°C (SM87 LU1)
Ingress Protection IP66 & IP67
Material Stainless Steel or Alloy
Entries SM87 LU1 up to 3 x M20 or M25
SM87 LU3 up to 4 x M20 or M25
Weight Alloy:2.5 kg
Stainless Steel: 3.8kg
Options Body & lens colour, lens guard, tag or duty labels,
terminal chamber,
voltages 24V-48V d.c. 110V-254V a.c.



  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 use.
  • Exd IIC T4/T6.
  • ATEX approved Ex II 2GD.*
  • UL listed for USA and Canada*
    • Class I, Div. 1, Groups C & D.
    • Class I, Zone 1, AExd IIB.
  • BASEEFA certified.
  • CSA certified.*
  • IECEx certified.
  • TR CU certified.*
  • Chinese (CQST) certified.
  • Brazilian (Inmetro) certified.
  • Fluorescent.
  • Filament.
  • IP66 and IP67.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Fluorescent version suitable for obstruction or warning lighting.
  • Optional guard.

*Model dependent.